Simple dependency injection with promise support

dip - Dependency Injector w/ Promise Support

dip provides dependency injection with automatic promise resolution, parent/child relationships and factory dependencies

It's very similiar to angular's dependency injector, but works much better with standalone functions and on-the-fly dependencies (for example if you wanted to register a 'request' dependency that resolves to the current http request)

For now unresolved dependencies will resolve to undefined

npm install --save dip

var DI = require('dip')
var di = new DI({'foo': 'Hello', 'bar': 'World'})
function fn(foobar){
    return foo + '' + bar + '!'
     console.log(foo) // foo == 'Hello' 
DI.inject(fn, ['foo'])
// When you specify dependencies you can pass additional arguments, only specified dependencies will be resolved 
// returns a promise for the result 
di.call(fn, context, 'Guys', 'more args').then(function(result){
    console.log(result) // result == 'Hello, Guys!' 
var fn = di.resolved(fn)
    console.log(result) // result == 'Hello, World!' 
    console.log(resolvedFN()) // returns 'Hello, World!', no promise! 
// returns an array of dependencies either from the parameter names or specified manually via DI.inject(fn, arrayOfDependencies) 
var deps = DI.inject(fn) // ['foo', 'bar']  
// returns the parameter names 
var deps = DI.params(fn)
// or just specify your own array 
var deps = ['foo', 'bar']
    console.log(foo) // foo == 'Hello' 
    console.log(bar) // bar == 'World' 

For more information read the docs (./docs/index.html) or look at the tests (./tests)