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Dimsum generates lorem ipsum text. You can use it in your Node.js and web projects.


Dimsum generates lorem ipsum text. You can use it in your Node.js and web projects.

With npm, just run:

npm install dimsum@0.1

Or grab the source from GitHub, and pull it into your own project.

var dimsum = require('dimsum');
dimsum(); // => 'Impedit ex veniam doloribus possimus quod laudantium...' 

You can configure Dimsum to return HTML, too:

dimsum.configure({ format: 'html' });
dimsum(); // => '<p>Reiciendis fugit fuga ut placeat officiis nostrud...' 

You can tell Dimsum exactly how much text you want:


Dimsum can also inject lorem ipsum into your static HTML! Just include the library and add tokens to your HTML:

<script src="/js/dimsum.js"></script>

Dimsum will replace the token with one paragraph of HTML-formatted lorem ipsum. If you want more, just ask:


Dimsum contains classic "latin" and "jabberwocky" flavors. Switching between them is easy:

dimsum.configure({ flavor: 'jabberwocky' });
dimsum() // => 'Frabjous snicker-snack to son brillig, took vorpal...' 

You can even add your own flavors. Larger blocks of text work best:

dimsum.flavor('outerspace', 'This is not science fiction. This is a sober \
, realistic presentation prepared by leading scientists. I have found this \
statement so informative and interesting that I wish to share it with all the \
people of America, and indeed with all the people of the earth. I hope that it \
can be widely disseminated by all news media for it clarifies many aspects of \
space and space technology in a way which can be helpful to all people as the \
United States proceeds with its peaceful program in space science and exploration. \
Every person has the opportunity to share through understanding in the adventures \
which lie ahead.');
dimsum.configure({ flavor: 'outerspace' });
dimsum() // => Science clarifies every to realistic for news... 


// One unformatted paragraph of lorem ipsum 
// Three unformatted paragraphs of lorem ipsum 
// Three HTML-formatted paragraphs of lorem ipsum 
dimsum(3, { format: 'html' });
// Two unformatted sentences of lorem ipsum 
// Always use HTML 
dimsum.configure({ format: 'html' });
// Always use Jabberwocky 
dimsum.configure({ flavor: 'jabberwocky' });
// Get a list of available flavors 
// Add a new flavor 
dimsum.flavor( 'key', 'a large body of text' );


<!-- Replace with one paragraph of lorem ipsum -->
<!-- Replace with three paragraphs of lorem ipsum -->
<!-- Replace with four sentences of lorem ipsum -->

Dimsum is licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to use it however you like.

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