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cross-browser module to measure dimensions


cross-browser JavaScript module to measure dimensions

$ npm install dime

API (3.0)

dime.width(object) // get width 
dime.height(object) // get height 
dime.width(element, px) // set width 
dime.height(element, px) // set height 
  • window
  • DOM node: document or element
  • object with .width/.height properties or methods
dime.width(screen) // => screen.width 
dime.width({width:10, height:10}) // => 10 

jQueryish methods for compatible libs (such as ender)

.width() // get the width of the 1st elem in the set 
.width(value) // set the width of all elems in the set 
.height() // get the width of the 1st elem in the set 
.height(value) // set the width of all elems in the set 
$(element).width(100), px)

It is only sensible to use these for setting dimensions—the statics are faster for gets.[document]) // same as dime.width(document)'.example'), 100)

Version notes

  • 2.x device methods were removed because the native screen provides these.
  • 2.x viewport methods were removed in favor of dime.width(window) although those methods are available in verge.
  • In 3.x dime is a plain object—not a wrapper function.
  • verge: viewport utilities

License: MIT

Copyright (C) 2012 by Ryan Van Etten