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Provides an HTTP REST interface to attachments in your Gmail account.


An HTTP REST interface for attachments in your Gmail account.

npm install dimap -g
dimap -u -p password

You can also run dimap with XOAUTH credentials (which can be generated using my fork of node-oauth, or a similar library).

dimap -x qwerty=

Once You've Got DIMAP up and running:

The onConnection hook fires when a connection is made to the IMAP proxy, prior to negotiating a connection to Gmail through IMAP.

We've used this hook at to build an authentication system on top of DIMAP.

  • Add hooks for $statsd event logging.
  • Make it so dimap can support multiple mailboxes based on tag, e.g., "ALL MAIL", "TRASH".

Have fun, and be careful!

Copyright (c) 2013 See LICENSE.txt for further details.