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Web Component to implement a tabs interface. Based on LitElement

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npm i dile-tabs


<dile-tabs> is a component you may use to select one of several posible values. It shows to the user creating a tabs interface.

To use the component you need include (or import) the component script, and then use a markup based on two tags. First of them is <dile-tabs>, which is the entire set of tabs. The second component is <dile-tab> (in singular), which is one of the tabs of the interface.

<script type="module">
  import 'dile-tabs/dile-tabs.js';
<dile-tabs selected="2">


The component has the properties bellow:


This property sets the currently selected tab of the interface. By default the selected value need to be an integer, specifying th index of the selected tab (starting at 0 for the first tab, 1 for the second...).


This property tells the <dile-tabs> component which attribute need to match the selected property to set the active tab. By default atrrForSelected is undefined. In that case the selected property should be an integer and match to the index of the tab. If you set atrrForSelected with a value, then the selected property will be matched with the value of the attribute named in attrForSelected.

The next example show how to use the attrForSelected property

<dile-tabs selected="posts" attrForSelected="name">
  <dile-tab name="users">Users</dile-tab>
  <dile-tab name="posts">Posts</dile-tab>
  <dile-tab name="articles">Articles</dile-tab>
  <dile-tab name="faq">FAQ</dile-tab>
  <dile-tab name="contact">Contact</dile-tab>



When selected property changes by a user interaction inside the <dile-tabs> component, it dispatch the dile-tabs-selected-changed custom event. You will recive the new selected value in the detail event object property.

CSS custom properties

You can customize the tabs using the CSS custom properties bellow.

Custom property Description Default
--dile-tab-text-color The tab text color #666
--dile-tab-background-color The tab background color Transparent
--dile-tab-selected-text-color The tab text color #fff
--dile-tab-selected-background-color The tab background color #039be5;
--dile-label-padding Content padding of the tab 8px 12px 6px 12px
--dile-tab-selected-line-height Defines selected tab line height 5px
--dile-tab-selected-line-color Defines selected tab line color #0070c0
--dile-tab-border-radius Tab top-left & top-right border radius 4px
--dile-tab-border Unselected tab border none
--dile-tab-selected-border Selected tab border none
--dile-tab-font-weight Tab font weight normal
--dile-tab-text-transform Tab text transform uppercase


npm i dile-tabs

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