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Pad numbers with zeros. Automatically pad the number of digits based on the length of the array, or explicitly pass in the number of digits to use.

Install with npm

npm i digits --save

Run tests

npm test


var digits = require('digits');



Left pad the given value with the specified number of zeros or alternate character.

  • value {String}
  • number {String}
  • returns {String} character
digits('abc', 10);
//=> '0000000000abc' 
digits('abc', 10, '~');
//=> '~~~~~~~~~~abc' 


Pad left pad each value in the given array to align with the longest item/number in the array. Zeros are used by default, but a custom character can be passed as the second argument.

  • arr {Number}: The array of values to pad.
  • len {Number}: Amount to pad the number.
  • returns {String}: Padded number


digits.each([1, 100, 1000])
//=> ['0001', '0100', '1000'] 
digits.each([a, bb, ccc], ' ')
//=> ['  a', ' bb', 'ccc'] 


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue


Jon Schlinkert


Copyright (c) 2014 Jon Schlinkert
Released under the MIT license

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