SockJS connector for digger requests


A digger supplychain that connects via socket.io for pub/sub and optionally JQuery or angular or req/rep

$ npm install digger-sockets

Using browserify you can connect to a backend digger reception server via socket.io

To build the module:

$ browserify -r digger-sockets > bundle.js

Then on a web-page:

<script src="bundle.js"></script>
    var SocketConnector = require('digger-sockets');
    // host is the url that is hosting the digger reception server 
    var $digger = SocketConnector({
    // we now have a connection to the reception server - proceed to dig: 
    var warehouse = $digger.connect('/my/backend/service');
    // load all tags that are .class with name starting with t (this is digger yo) 
            console.log('we have: ' + tags.count() + ' tags loaded');
            // uh oh 

If digger-sockets finds Jquery or angular on the page - it will use those as connectors for REQ/REP requests.

It will still use the socket for switchboard (realtime) requests.