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A set of d3 based visualization components with cool animations built for React


Diffract is available via npm and can be used along with browserify

npm install diffract


After installing diffract via NPM, you may use the components in your code as follows:

/** DeathStar.jsx */
import React from 'react';
import {Chart, DataSeries, Pie} from 'diffract';
// ...And use it in your code 
class DeathStar extends Component {
  render: function() {
    return (
        <Chart width={width} height={height}>
            <DataSeries data={this.state.values}>
                <Pie innerRadius={75} outerRadius={110}
                    style={(d, i) => ({fill: this.getColors(i)})}>
                    <text className="donut-title" textAnchor="middle"
                        x={0} y={0} fontSize={18}>
                    <text className="donut-subtitle" textAnchor="middle"
                        x={0} y={18} fontSize={10}>

More Examples

See examples for more examples including Donuts, BarChart, stacked bar chart, grouped bar chart etc. ## Demo ### Donut Donut

Bar Graph

Bar Graph

License: MIT