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colorful diffs for javascript objects


Create colorful diffs for javascript objects.


var difflet = require('difflet');
var s ={ a : 2, c : 5 }, { a : 3, b : 4 });


var diff = require('difflet')({ indent : 2 });
var prev = {
    yy : 6,
    zz : 5,
    a : [1,2,3],
    fn : 'beep',
    c : { x : 7, z : 3 }
var next = {
    a : [ 1, 2, "z", /beep/, new Buffer(3) ],
    fn : function qqq () {},
    b : [5,6,7],
    c : { x : 8, y : 5 }
diff(prev, next).pipe(process.stdout);


green for inserts, blue for updates, red for deletes


var difflet = require('difflet')

Create a difflet from optional options opts.

With opts.start(type, stream) and opts.stop(type, stream), you can write custom handlers for all the types of differences: 'inserted', 'updated', and 'deleted'. By default green is used for insertions, blue for updates, and red for deletions.

If opts.indent is set, output will span multiple lines and opts.indent spaces will be used for leading whitespace.

If opts.comma === 'first' then commas will be placed at the start of lines.

Setting opts.comment to true will turn on comments with the previous contents like this:

Setting opts.deepEqual allows a different equality function to be used. By default deep-is is used.

Return a stream with the colorful changes between objects prev and next.

Return a string with the colorful changes between prev and next.

Return a string with the colorful changes between prev and next with the default options.


With npm do:

npm install difflet


With npm do:

npm test


Copyright (C) 2012, 2013 James Halliday

Licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE for details.