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Diff to Html generates pretty HTML diffs from unified and git diff output in your terminal


  • Unified diff and Git diff input

  • line-by-line and side-by-side diff

  • new and old line numbers

  • inserted and removed lines

  • GitHub like style

  • Code syntax highlight

  • Line similarity matching

Online Example

Go to Diff2HTML



npm install -g diff2html-cli


Usage: diff2html [options] -- [diff args]

  -s, --style                       Output style   [choices: "line", "side"] [default: "line"]
  --sc, --synchronisedScroll        Synchronised horizontal scroll   [choices: "enabled", "disabled"] [default: "enabled"]
  --su, --summary                   Show files summary   [choices: "closed", "open", "hidden"] [default: "closed"]
  --lm, --matching                  Diff line matching type   [choices: "lines", "words", "none"] [default: "none"]
  --lmt, --matchWordsThreshold      Diff line matching word threshold   [default: "0.25"]
  --lmm, --matchingMaxComparisons   Diff line matching maximum line comparisons of a block of changes [default: 2500]
  -f, --format                      Output format   [choices: "html", "json"] [default: "html"]
  -d, --diff                        Diff style   [choices: "word", "char"] [default: "word"]
  -i, --input                       Diff input source   [choices: "file", "command", "stdin"] [default: "command"]
  -o, --output                      Output destination   [choices: "preview", "stdout"] [default: "preview"]
  -u, --diffy                       Upload to   [choices: "browser", "pbcopy", "print"]
  -F, --file                        Send output to file (overrides output option)   [string]
  --version                         Show version number
  -h, --help                        Show help

  diff2html -s line -f html -d word -i command -o preview -- -M HEAD~1
      -> diff last commit, line by line, word comparison between lines,previewed
         in the browser and input from git diff command
  diff2html -i file -- my-file-diff.diff
      -> reading the input from a file
  diff2html -f json -o stdout -- -M HEAD~1
      -> print json format to stdout
  diff2html -F my-pretty-diff.html -- -M HEAD~1
      ->  print to file

© 2014-2016 rtfpessoa
For support, check out

NOTE: notice the -- in the examples


This is a developer friendly project, all the contributions are welcome. To contribute just send a pull request with your changes following the guidelines described in I will try to review them as soon as possible.


Copyright 2014-2016 Rodrigo Fernandes. Released under the terms of the MIT license.


This project is inspired in pretty-diff by Scott González.