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De-noisify git diffs.

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Reading through git diffs should be a straightforward experience. Unfortunately, meaningless differences in trailing whitespace and end-of-file newlines clutters up diffs. diff-cleaner removes this noise.

  • Adds a git pre-commit hook which checks for trailing whitespace and an EOF newline, failing the commit as-necessary with a message to use npm run trim
  • Provides an npm run trim command which fixes the errors found in the pre-commit hook


Get started

  • npm install --save-dev diff-cleaner
  • npm install --save-dev husky
  • Add the following to your gulpfile.js:
  • Add the following to your package.json scripts:
"precommit""gulp precommit",
"trim""gulp trim"


Check out config.js for full options. A selection are shown below.

To change e.g. the included filetypes to just html and css, add the following to your gulpfile.js:

require('diff-cleaner').config.filetypes = '(html|css)';
  • filetypes. The file extensions that will be linted and updated. Must be in the form e.g. '(js|py|txt)'. Defaults to '(ts|js|css|scss|html|json)'.
  • logErrors. When truthy, log the full issue report on precommit linting errors.
  • specificGitignore. Use a .gitignore other than in the root directory.
  • customGlobs. Any custom globs to consider during precommit and trim.


Overriding pre-commit hook

To override the pre-commit hook, use git commit --no-verify.

Standardizing newlines

See dealing with line endings for how to standardize line endings using a .gitattributes file.

VS Code

Add "files.trimTrailingWhitespace": true to your user settings document to strip trailing whitespace automatically.