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Diet: Accounts (in development)

User account management is a general function that we reuse in every application. Accounts is a simple set of API's that you can use as a standard in all your apps.

With Accounts you can interact with user accounts without touching the backend unless you want to do something more.


If you are using diet it's already installed.

npm install diet-accounts

Example Setup

// CREATE a new dietjs application 
var app = new Application(options);
// SETUP account module 
var account = app.accounts({
    table  : 'users',    // mysql table 
    username      : 'username', // username column in table 
    password   : 'password', // password column in table 
    select : '*'      // what to select if user authentication is successfull 


You can interact with your Accounts trough these urls on your website:

POST /account/login working
POST /account/logout working
POST /account/update beta
POST /account/changePassword beta
POST /account/delete beta
POST /account/signup beta
POST /account/verify beta
GET /account/recover/password beta
POST /account/recover/password beta

Default Response from the API's

If the call ends with success then:

{ success: true, errors: false }

If the call fails then:

{ success: false, errors:[Array of Errors] }

Customizing the API's

All account actions are accesible via the Accounts API but you can add custom middleware functions too.

// Custom Login 
account.login(function(request, response, mysql){
    // do some custom stuff 
// Custom Logout 
account.logout(function(request, response, mysql){
    // do some custom stuff