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Translate your dictionary object of dictionary objects to an array of strings that could be lines of a .ini file.


This module exports one function that holds some methods:

dod2ini(sectionsDict[, opt])

Where sectionsDict is an object that maps section titles to dictionaries that will be used as the key-value-pairs.

  • Array values are processed by repeating the key for each value.
    • But only if they are encountered directly in the 2nd level dictionary.
  • Pairs with undefined as the value are skipped unless configured otherwise.

opt is an optional options object that supports these keys:

  • sort: Whether and how to sort sections (if sectSort is false-y) and/or keys (if keySort is false-y). This does not affect the order of multiple values for one key. If true, sort with default algorithm. Any another truthy value is assumed to be, and used as, a custom comparison function.
  • sectSort: If truthy, override sort with respect to sections.
  • keySort: If truthy, override sort with respect to keys.
  • eol: Append this string to each line. Defaults to empty string.
  • pairSep: Put this string between key and value. Defaults to '='.
  • pairInd: Put this string before the key. Defaults to the empty string.
  • translateValues: If truthy, try to translate values. This can be used to not suppress undefined values (by translating them to e.g. the empty string), and to suppress unwanted values (by translating them to undefined).
    • If set to a function, it will be invoked with arguments (val, key, sect).
    • If set to an object or Array, translate empty string values and non-string, values by property lookup.
      • Objects are stringified for this lookup, and thus can masquerade as other values. Just avoid using objects or nested Arrays as values.
      • A result of undefined means "keep the original value", and null means "skip this pair".
  • skipSectionName: If string, omit section header line for the section with this name. Can also be false to add header lines for all sections. Default: '\n'


return function custom(sectionsDict) { return dod2ini(sectionsDict, opt); };


see test.usage.js.

Known issues

  • Needs more/better tests and docs.






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