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Supported Environments

diamond supports node 4, 5, 6, and 7 with npm 3 or 4 (Note: node 4 comes with npm 2)

What data we collect

Let's be upfront, we collect data. You will soon be able to limit the data we collect. All data is anonymous. This data is not shared with anyone outside of the diamond team.

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diamond is a package manager for Sass and Less. diamond allows you to mix and match (most of the time) Sass and Less packages. You can also ship custom functions to be run after compiling, or even Less plugins and Sass importers and functions.


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Using npm:

npm i -g diamondpkg

Or install the latest version from GitHub:

npm i -g diamondpkg/diamond

Quick Start

Lets say you want to use Bootstrap in your next project.


You can find Bootstrap under the package name bootstrap You install with the install command

diamond install bootstrap

This generates a diamond folder with all of the packages.

Do not edit any files in this folder.


diamond uses a custom import format when importing packages.


  • @import "~bootstrap"; will import the main file from Bootstrap, or throw an error if the package does not have a main file.
  • @import "~bootstrap/file.scss" will import file.scss from the package Bootstrap.

We want to import Bootstrap's main file, so we will use ~bootstrap

@import "~bootstrap";
#foo {
  color: white;


To use with vanilla CSS or another preprocessor, simply link the diamond/autoload.css file in your HTML. Compiling is not required with CSS.



Once we have written our sass, we are ready for compiling.

If you try

node-sass myfile.scss

it will give you errors about not being able to find the file ~bootstrap. This is because you aren't using diamond's custom importer.

It is recommended to use the compile command to compile your Sass instead of node-sass. While this is not required, some packages like concise.css use functionality only found in the compile command. You will be warned if you are missing out on features not using the compile command.

diamond compile -o output.css input.scss

To compile with node-sass, use the --importer flag

node-sass --importer diamond input.scss > output.css

where diamond is the generated diamond folder on install.


To compile with Less, either use the compile command, or lessc. (They both have the same features)

Compile Command
diamond compile -o output.css input.less
lessc --diamond input.less output.css

This uses less-plugin-diamond as a plugin, which is installed when you install diamond.