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Diagram Library for JavaScript and TypeScript

A diagram library that enables you to build any type of graph, flowchart, tree, org chart, diagram, process chart, database schema and much more. Includes a huge variety of prdefined node and link shapes, automatic layout algorithms, many import and export options.


For the latest stable version:

npm install -g diagram-library

New Features in JS Diagram 3.0

  • User-interaction Controllers: all kinds of user interaction are now carried out by controller objects.
  • Record and replay: the Diagram class provides record, stopRecording and replay methods that can be used to save and replay all user actions with keyboard and mouse.
  • Improved testability: User interaction can now be tested automatically in several ways.
  • Ruler control: The Ruler control provides horizontal and vertical scales that help users measure and align diagram items.
  • 3rd party dependencies now optional: The diagram can now be used without JQuery and Microsoft Ajax libraries.
  • Flip shapes: The shape of a ShapeNode can be flipped horizontally or vertically.
  • And much more.


  1. Detailed API Reference
  2. Tutorials and Step-by-step Guides


A variety of online samples are uploaded at the MindFusion Js Diagram website. You can also visit the online demo for Js Diagram. You can download an archive with all samples and all files for the library from here.

Additional Information

Learn more about JS Diagram from the official product page. Stay in touch with MindFusion about our latest product announcements, tutorials and programming guidelines via Twitter or our company blog.

Technical Support


The end-user license agreement for JS Diagram is here.