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dHealth Explorer

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dHealth Explorer is a read-only web application to browse the content of dHealth Public Blockchain Infrastructure for Healthcare.

This software supports searching for transactions, accounts, namespaces, mosaics, nodes and blocks information on the dHealth Public Network.


dHealth Explorer is available as a web application that you can host locally or on a VPS.

  1. Download dHealth Explorer from the Github repository.

  2. Install the required dependencies with npm install.

  3. Run the web application with npm run prod or npm run dev.

  4. Visit http://localhost:8080/#/ in your browser.

Following suite of commands illustrates the installation and first run of dHealth Explorer:

$ git clone https://github.com/dhealthproject/dhealth-explorer
$ cd dhealth-explorer
$ npm install
$ npm run dev



Validate your environment by running:

node -v


Developers can use this software and build awesome new features. Pull requests are very much appreciated.

  1. Clone the project.
git clone https://github.com/dhealthproject/dhealth-explorer.git
  1. Install the dependencies.
cd dhealth-explorer
npm install 
  1. Start the development server.
npm run dev 
  1. Visit http://localhost:8080/#/ in your browser.


You can deploy this web application on any VPS with Node JS 10+ support. Use the following instructions to start a web server inside a daemon docker container:

$ cd /opt/dhealth
$ git clone https://github.com/dhealthproject/dhealth-explorer.git
$ cd dhealth-explorer
$ docker build -t explorer-0 .
$ docker run -d -p 80:80 explorer-0

⚠️ The attached Dockerfile exposes port 80 for any source (i.e.>80/tcp).



  • /src/config: Handles the explorer configuration.
  • /src/infrastructure: Handles the API / SDK request from Symbol nodes.
  • /src/store: Handles the application logic with state management.
  • /src/views: Handles the UI of the explorer.

How to change the node list

The file /src/config/default.json contains the node list shown in the node selector dropdown.

  1. Edit peersApi.nodes array to set up the custom node list.
  2. Set peersApi.defaultNode property to the default node url.

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