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DevtoolsLive is a Chrome extension that lets you modify running apps without reloading. It's easy to integrate with your build system, dev environment, and can be used with your favorite editor.


DevtoolsLive is made up of a server and client component. This will guide through configuring your server for your project and installing the Chrome extension.

1. Install Chrome Extension

Grab the Devtools Live extension. This will add a new tab in your Chrome DevTools called 'Live'.


Visit chrome://extensions in your browser (or open up the Chrome menu by clicking the icon to the far right of the Omnibox: The menu's icon is three horizontal bars. and select Extensions under the Tools menu to get to the same place).

Ensure that the Developer mode checkbox in the top right-hand corner is checked.


Click Load unpacked extension… to pop up a file-selection dialog.

Navigate to the devtools Live directory and go to src.

Select the Client folder.

2. Configure Devtools Live Server

$ npm install devtools-live

Create a config file named live.js:

var LiveDevtools = require('devtools-live');
var live = new LiveDevtools({
    devtools : {
        directory: './src/'
    watch : {
        './src/' : {
            files : ['js/*.js','css/*.css']
    connect : {
        open: true,
        root: './src/'

3. Run the server

$ node live.js

4. Configure Devtools Live

Go to the Live extension in chrome devtools. Click on Activate. Devtools Live will be connected automatically.

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If there is an issue, go to configuration and add a new server configuration.

5. Edit your code

Now you can edit your code when devtools live is open, in your editor or in the devtools Source tab.

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