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Redirecting middlware for express or node.js

# deviate

Redirecting middlware for express or node.js

  • supports ert syntax
  • supports a function that takes req and returns the path
  • uses res.redirect if it's used with express
  • falls back to manually writing the header elsewhere

var deviate = require('deviate');
var express = require('express');
var app = express();
app.get('/random', deviate(function (req) { return '/post/' + Math.random(); }));
app.get('/page/:no/next', deviate('/page/[Number:no + 1]'));
app.get('/page/:no/prev', deviate('/page/[Number:no - 1]'));
app.get('/:number', deviate(301, '/post/:number'));

deviate([status,] path)

Deviate takes an optional status (which defaults to 302) and a path or function. It then returns a middleware function which takes req and res and redirects res to the path.