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Provides a web based GUI for developing node.js applications. Includes a full featured code editor with integrated debugging.

Installation and Usage

npm install -g devgui
cd <node app directory>

This will start a web server on port 3131. You can access it by pointing your browser to: http://localhost:3131.

You can specify a different port using -p PORT flag.

devgui -p 1234

By default the server will only listen to localhost. To listen to a different IP or hostname, use the -l HOSTNAME flag. If you want to listen to all IP's:

devgui -l

If you are listening to all IPs it is adviced to add authentication to the IDE. You can either do this by adding a reverse proxy in front of the service, or use the built in basic authentication through the --username and --password flags.

devgui --username SOMEUSER --password SOMEPW

You may also specify the directory that contains your node.js application using the workspace, -w DIRECTORY, flag. By default devgui assumes your project is in the current working directory when the devgui command was run.

devgui -w ~/git/myproject

Status and Goals

This version of devgui is based on on a fork of with a few quick and dirty bug fixes applied. It works well enough to be used for serious node.js application development, but...

The open source cloud9 codebase and many of it's core dependencies, such as APF (, haven't received much attention recently and have very little community support or documentation. It also hasn't kept up with new releases of other dependencies, such as ACE (, the javescript based editor implemenation it uses. I've also found the code to be bit more complex that would be ideal.

In short, while useful in its current form, devgui isn't the lean, focused, and stable node.js application development tool I want it to be.

My origional intent was to incrementally evlove the code base into that tool, but after some consideration I decided that a clean start, still using ACE, would be a better way to go.

That version of devgui is being developed at It will replace the contents of the devgui npm package once it has enough functionality to support the development of itself... but no guarantees that time will ever come.

In the mean time, I hope you find this version of devgui to be useful.

About the Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 is an open source IDE built with Node.JS on the back-end and JavaScript/HTML5 on the client. It is one component of the hosted service at The version available here runs on your local system.

Cloud9 balances the power of traditional desktop IDEs with the simplicity and elegance of editors like TextMate and Sublime.

Cloud9 is built entirely on a web stack, making it the most hacker-friendly IDE today. Fork it, hack it, and if you think others would benefit, issue a pull request on this repo and we'll take a look. If you have any questions, meet us in #cloud9ide on or ask us on Twitter @Cloud9IDE.

Happy Coding!


  • High performance ACE text editor with bundled syntax highlighting support for JS, HTML, CSS and mixed modes.
  • Integrated debugger for Node.JS applications with views of the call stack, variables, live code execution and live inspector
  • Advanced Javascript language analysis marking unused variables, globals, syntax errors and allowing for variable rename
  • Local filesystem is exposed through WebDAV to the IDE, which makes it possible to connect to remote workspaces as well
  • Highly extensible through both client-side and server-side plugins
  • Sophisticated process management on the server with evented messaging

Browser Support

We support the newer versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Open Source Projects Used

The Cloud9 IDE couldn't be this cool if it weren't for the wildly productive Node.JS community producing so many high quality software. Main projects that we use as building blocks:

Thanks to all developers and contributors of these projects!


The GPL version 3, read it at




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