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A dev helper.


A dev helper.

npm install dever
var debug = require('dever').debug('Controller/Users')
var error = require('dever').error('Controller', 'Users')
debug('hey, I got something here')
return error('opps, something goes wrong')

Turn off the output:

var debug = require('dever').debug('/api/users').off
var error = require('dever').error('/api/users').off
  • 0 [EMERGENCY] system is unusable
  • 1 [ALERT] action must be taken immediately
  • 2 [CRITICAL] the system is in critical condition
  • 3 [ERROR] error condition
  • 4 [WARNING] warning condition
  • 5 [NOTICE] a normal but significant condition
  • 6 [INFO] a purely informational message
  • 7 [DEBUG] messages to debug an application

A config file to control output in development:

  "output": {
    "EMERGENCY": true,
    "ALERT": true,
    "CRITICAL": true,
    "ERROR": true,
    "WARNING": true,
    "NOTICE": true,
    "INFO": true,
    "DEBUG": true 
  "throw": true

A config file to control output in production:

  "output": {
    "EMERGENCY": false,
    "ALERT": false,
    "CRITICAL": false,
    "ERROR": false,
    "WARNING": false,
    "NOTICE": false,
    "INFO": false,
    "DEBUG": false 
  "throw": false
  • readFileJSON() to require()

Copyright (c) 2013 Shallker Wang - MIT License (enclosed)