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A handy development utility.


  • watch files and directories
  • restart a set of processes on file change
  • pipe all outputs to a single console


npm install -g dev_mode


generate a configuration file:

dev_mode install 

start dev_mode:

dev_mode start

Dev_Mode Configuration

configuration file exports an object with the following properties:

cwd: optional root path for file watching, defaults to the current directory

watch_list: array of files and folders to watch

recursive_watch_list: array of files and folders to watch

processes: array of process configurations

Process Configuration

The following options are available for each item in the processes list:

Console Options

name: name to display in console

prompt: prompt to display in console

color: prompt color

bg_color: optional prompt background color if you're into that sort of thing

Command options

command: command to invoke (including command-line arguments)

env: optional environment variables to pass to process

cwd: optional directory to invoke the process from, if different from current directory

on_startup: optional set to false if you would only like this process invoked after a file change