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NPM repository for dev-watch - Watch and compile/transform folders/files


npm install -g dev-watch

Add to your JSON configuration file (it can be package.json) a property devWatch containing an Object with the different watchers you want to use.

Here is a sample :

  "devWatch": {
    "cmd": "dev",
    "isVerbose": true,
    "runs": [
        "type": "typescript",
        "tempFolder": "react/bin",
        "rootFile": "root",
        "dest": "public/react.js"
        "type": "sass",
        "srcFolder": "styles",
        "destFolder": "public/styles"

The cmd property defines the kind of things to do :

Command Description
dev Compile and transform everytime something changes
prod Compile and transform, then exit
clean Clean the destination folders/files (might be unsafe)

The runs property defines the watchers. Call dev-watch to get a list of the watchers and their properties.


dev-watch <configuration-file-path> [<cmd>]
dev-watch package.json
dev-watch package.json clean

Short road-map

  • Add tar/zlib module
  • Add 'custom' module
  • Add 'text replacer' module
  • Add 'copier' module