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    desy-html is the NPM library you need to start building a user interface for Gobierno de Aragón webapps. It uses Gulp, Postcss, Tailwindcss and Nunjucks to render html+css+js components. It's useful to create lightweight webapps or html mockups.

    If you need a more powerful library based on this, use it's Angular port instead: desy-angular

    See live examples of desy-html components:

    How to set up?

    • Run npm install first.
    • Use npm run dev to generate CSS from src/styles.css to /dist/styles.css, listen to changes in njk, css and html, and browser-sync reload.
    • Use npm run prod to generate CSS, Purge it and Minify it.
    • Dependencies: Node.js v12.18.3, Tailwind CSS, AutoPrefixer, PurgeCSS and CSSnano configed in PostCSS

    How do I start a project that uses desy-html components?

    To start a new project that uses desy-html as dependency, don't use this repo, use desy-html-starter repo instead.

    • Download the desy-html-starter project from here:
    • Personalize the downloaded project for your needings.
    • You'll be able to use any desy-html component in that project. Copy any macro example code from here and paste it inside any page, include or component in your project.

    Contact the team

    • desy-html is maintained by a team at SDA Servicios Digitales de Aragón (Spain). If you want to know more about desy-html, please email any of the commiters.

    Software license

    Unless stated otherwise, the codebase is released under the [](EUPL-1.2 License). This covers both the codebase and any sample code in the documentation.


    This project started initially forked from:

    This project is built upon the GOV.UK Frontend project: We would like to thank the Government Digital Service team for their fabulous work and for making it opensource for the community.


    npm i desy-html

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