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What does it do?

deSVG takes the <img /> tags you supply. It then grabs, using AJAX, the raw SVG you've set in the src attribute and replaces that <img /> with the <svg /> it downloads.


Grab the files from this repo, or install from npm


window.addEventListener('load', function(){
 	// 1. selector for the <img /> tags to replace
 	// 2. whether to strip inline style tags from SVG paths
	deSVG('.replace-svg', true);

If you do not wish for two network requests to be made per image, instead of using the src attribute, you can pass in the images path via data-src="path/to/file". Note that this may cause layouts to jump and no image to be displayed whilst it is being fetched.


Check out this JSFiddle.


Check out the commented source which should explain it's functionality in greater detail.