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Remote desktop for medical imaging

The aim of the project is to create a remote desktop for visualization and processing of medical images. Only works under linux or Mac OS, but patches are welcome!

Infos and live demo

a live demo is visible here:

more infos? Click here


CeCILL-B (BSD-compatible), if you use this code for academic purposes, please cite this article:

Link to PDF H. Jacinto, R. K├ęchichan, M. Desvignes, R. Prost, and S. Valette, "A Web Interface for 3D Visualization and Interactive Segmentation of Medical Images", 17th International Conference on 3D Web Technology (Web 3D 2012), Los-Angeles, USA, pp. 51-58, 2012

Copyright (c) CNRS, INSA-Lyon, UCBL, INSERM


To install desk on your computer, you need:

  • git
  • node.js
  • python to build the API browser or rebuild core qooxdoo code

to visualize 3D data (meshes, volumes) you also need;

  • vtk + headers (versions 5 or 6)
  • cmake


git clone
cd desk
npm install
npm run build

to install binary addons for 3D data visualization (needs vtk and cmake):

npm run buildAddons


node desk.js

then point your browser to localhost:8080

login as:

  • user : your linux username
  • password : "password"

Update node packages

git pull
npm install
npm update
npm run build

Build the API browser / update the qooxdoo core

cd client/application
npm install
./ api    // to build the API browser
./ build  // to build the qooxdoo core
./ source // to build the debug version

note that these take a few minutes at first launch. Afterwards, you have access to:


This software benefits from several open-source contributions: