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Remote desktop for medical imaging

The aim of the project is to create a remote desktop for visualization and processing of medical images. Only works under linux or Mac OS, but patches are welcome!

Infos and live demo

a live demo is visible here:

more infos? Click here


CeCILL-B (BSD-compatible), if you use this code for academic purposes, please cite this article:

Link to PDF H. Jacinto, R. Kéchichan, M. Desvignes, R. Prost, and S. Valette, "A Web Interface for 3D Visualization and Interactive Segmentation of Medical Images", 17th International Conference on 3D Web Technology (Web 3D 2012), Los-Angeles, USA, pp. 51-58, 2012

Copyright (c) CNRS, INSA-Lyon, UCBL, INSERM


To install desk on your computer, you need:

  • git
  • node.js
  • python to build the API browser or rebuild core qooxdoo code

to visualize 3D data (meshes, volumes) you also need;

  • vtk + headers (versions 5 or 6)
  • cmake


git clone
cd desk
npm install
npm run build

to install binary addons for 3D data visualization (needs vtk and cmake):

npm run buildAddons


node desk.js

then point your browser to localhost:8080

login as:

  • user : your linux username
  • password : "password"

Update node packages

git pull
npm install
npm update
npm run build

Build the API browser / update the qooxdoo core

cd client/application
npm install
./ api    // to build the API browser
./ build  // to build the qooxdoo core
./ source // to build the debug version

note that these take a few minutes at first launch. Afterwards, you have access to:


This software benefits from several open-source contributions: