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Derrick CLI is the global CLI application for interacting with Derrick Server.


npm install -g derrick-cli


For full documentation, see the Derrick Server documentation.

After installing Derrick Server, you'll be able to work with projects using Derrick CLI.

System Requirements

Since both the CLI and Derrick Server have specific system requirements, the CLI tool has a simple utility for testing and verifying your machine meets these requirements:

derrick requirements


derrick import <manifest.json>

Imports a project defined in the manifest file. Manifests maybe local or remote.

If running this against a local repository, you can automatically add a (similarly) local Satis cache for Composer repositories by affixing a --satis flag.

derrick import <manifest.json> --satis


derrick create

Interactively create a new project


derrick export [path]

Export the current state of a project. If your current working directory is not the project you wish to export, you must specify the path to the project.

Release History

  • 2015-07-20   v0.2.3   Hotfix to repair the derrick create command
  • 2015-07-09   v0.2.2   Add a re-import mechanism and configure Mocha-powered unit tests
  • 2015-04-28   v0.2.1   Fix an issue with tar.gz and switch to an overlayFS for project mounting
  • 2015-04-27   v0.2.0   Enable status checking, both globally and on a project basis
  • 2015-04-26   v0.1.3   Revert a broken dependency and correct a fatal typo
  • 2015-04-25   v0.1.2   Add MU-plugins. Mount the entire /src and /vendor dirs
  • 2015-04-14   v0.1.1   Add download progress and update create/export commands
  • 2015-04-14   v0.1.0   Initial release

Copyright / License

Derrick CLI is copyright (c) 2015 by 10up and its various contributors under the terms of the MIT license.