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npm install derby-yamlpages

Add to the end of the lib/server/index.js:

    model: store.createModel()

Add to the end of the lib/app/index.js:

app.get('*', require('derby-yamlpages').router);

Put your content to the content/yamlpages/. Note that you need to replace / in page url to | in its file name. For example: /my/page/ => |my|page|.yml

Put your templates to the `views/app/' directory.

Content example

Content files uses yaml syntax and it can contains any variables, for example:

title: my page
body: |
    # Page
    You can use `markdown` syntax.


Default template named yamlpage__default.html. Put it to the views/app/ directory:



You can change template with __template variable in content file.


Converters uses for data transformations. For example, default converter transforms body from markdown to html. You can pass your own converters to the derby-yamlpages.sync.