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Notification messages for Derby


Notification messages (toasts for Derby.

Using npm

npm install derby-ui-toast

First you have to import the base CSS:

@import '../../node_modules/derby-ui-toast/css/' 

If you want to use the default background images on the notification boxes:

@import '../../node_modules/derby-ui-toast/css/bg-images.css' 

Or if you want to use the Font Awesome icons:

@import '../../node_modules/derby-ui-toast/css/bg-fontawesome.css' 

Also you have to enable the component in JavaScript:


And in HTML:

<view name="derby-ui-toast"></view>
model.toast(type, message, options);

type : string, the default possibilities are:

  • 'info'
  • 'success'
  • 'warning'
  • 'error'

message: string

options: object

  • sticky
    default: false
  • timeout
    default: 5000
  • click
    default: none
model.toast('info', 'Everything is ok!');
model.toast('success', 'It worked!');
model.toast('warning', 'Beware!');
model.toast('error', 'An error happened!', { sticky: true });
model.toast('error', 'An error happened again!', { timeout: 1000 });
model.toast('error', 'And again!', { click: myFunction });

Messages will disappear in 5 seconds by default. They can also be removed by clicking the message dialog box.

The namespace derby-ui-toast will be changed later to ui.