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sort module-deps output for deterministic browserify bundles

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$ for((i=0;i<5;i++)); do module-deps main.js | deps-sort | browser-pack | md5sum; done
e9e630de2c62953140357db0444c3c3a  -
e9e630de2c62953140357db0444c3c3a  -
e9e630de2c62953140357db0444c3c3a  -
e9e630de2c62953140357db0444c3c3a  -
e9e630de2c62953140357db0444c3c3a  -

or using browserify --deps on a voxeljs project:

$ for((i=0;i<5;i++)); do browserify --deps browser.js | deps-sort | browser-pack | md5sum; done
fb418c74b53ba2e4cef7d01808b848e6  -
fb418c74b53ba2e4cef7d01808b848e6  -
fb418c74b53ba2e4cef7d01808b848e6  -
fb418c74b53ba2e4cef7d01808b848e6  -
fb418c74b53ba2e4cef7d01808b848e6  -


To use this module programmatically, write streaming object data and read streaming object data:

var sort = require('../')();
var JSONStream = require('JSONStream');
var parse = JSONStream.parse([ true ]);
var stringify = JSONStream.stringify();


var depsSort = require('deps-sort');

var stream = depsSort(opts)

Return a new through stream that should get written module-deps objects and will output sorted objects.

opts can be:

  • opts.index - when true, for each module-deps row, insert row.index with the numeric index and row.indexDeps like row.deps but mapping require strings to row indices

  • opts.expose - array of names or object mapping names to true not to mangle with integer indexes when opts.index is turned on. If opts.expose maps names to strings, those strings will be used to resolve the indexed references.

  • opts.dedupe - set row.dedupe for files that match existing contents. Sets row.dedupeIndex when opts.index is enabled. When row.dedupe is set, row.sameDeps will be set to a boolean of whether the dependencies at the dedupe target match (true) or just the source content (false).

input objects

Input objects are file objects in the module-deps shape. They must at least have these properties:

  • - a unique identifier for the file
  • row.source - the file contents
  • row.deps - dependencies for this file, mapping strings as used in require() to row IDs.

output objects

All the input properties, and:

  • row.index - when opts.index is true, the sorted numeric index of the row
  • row.indexDeps - like row.deps, but mapping to row.index instead of
  • row.dedupe - when opts.dedupe is true, contains the row ID of a file with identical contents
  • row.dedupeIndex - like row.dedupe, but contains the row.index instead of


With npm do:

npm install deps-sort




npm i deps-sort

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