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an easy way to create a deployd project and set it up as an express middleware with built in template support and configuration defaults

how to install

npm install --save deployd-shortcut


//dont forget to process.chdir(__dirname) if you run it using a daemon 
var app=require('deployd-shortcut')({

default configuration

you do not have to fill in all the configuration params since there are some default values for most of them.

the default values are:

  • PORT:8989
  • ENV:'development' ( the valid values are: 'development' or 'production')
  • MONGO_HOST: 'localhost'
  • MONGO_PORT: 27017
  • MONGO_DB: 'depdb'
  • MONGO_CREDENTIALS: (Only active when in production ENV)
  • TEMPLATE_DIR: 'templates'
  • TEMPLATE_ENGINE: '' ( no template engine is set by default. the valid values are the names of the template engines that the expressjs library allready has builtin support for like: 'pug', 'ejs'.Beside those the package has also support for 'nunjucks' template engine which is actually the recommanded one(beware that the 'nunjucks' templates require a .html file extension)