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depget (experimental) - Install private modules from a file share registry

Want to manage your private dependencies but can't wait around for npm to add support? Don't want to go through setting up a replicated npm registry? Don't.

Depget lets you put your npm packages on a file share and reference them from your packages.json file. Depget is a stop-gap hack which requires you to install your private packages separate from other npm packages, but it works.

Referencing your private modules

First, install depget either globally or as a dependency:

npm install -g depget

Next, edit your packages.json file and add a privateDependencies hash. It tells depget the location of your private repositories and the dependencies you require from them:

  "privateDependencies": {
    "/path/to/private/packages": {
      "my_module": "~0.1.1"
    "/path/to/other/packages": {
      "my_other_module": "~0.1.1"

Finally, ask depget to pull down your modules by executing depget update.

Publishing your private modules

Place your ready to publish node packages in a directory or file share with the <name>-<version>.tgz.gz naming convention. That's it.