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📦 Dependabot Pull Request Action

A GitHub Action to automatically label, approve, and merge pull requests made by Dependabot. This was built because the auto-merge feature was removed when Dependabot became a native-GitHub feature.

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Get started

You can run this workflow, for example, once every hour:

name: Auto-merge minor/patch
    - cron: "0 * * * *"
    name: Auto-merge minor and patch updates
    runs-on: ubuntu-18.04
      - uses: koj-co/dependabot-pr-action@master
          token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          merge-minor: true
          merge-patch: true


token (required)

Your GitHub token, usually {{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }} or a personal access token if you have a bot account.

Optional inputs

To add labels to the Dependabot pull request, you can specify a comma-separated string of labels:

Input Description
labels-major Labels for major releases
labels-minor Labels for minor releases
labels-patch Labels for patch releases
labels-premajor Labels for premajor releases
labels-preminor Labels for preminor releases
labels-prepatch Labels for prepatch releases
labels-prerelease Labels for prerelease releases

To configure the workflow, you can set any of these inputs to true:

Input Description
approve Approve all releases
approve-major Approve major releases
approve-minor Approve minor releases
approve-patch Approve patch releases
approve-premajor Approve premajor releases
approve-preminor Approve preminor releases
approve-prepatch Approve prepatch releases
approve-prerelease Approve prerelease releases
auto-label Auto label all releases
auto-label-major Auto label major releases
auto-label-minor Auto label minor releases
auto-label-patch Auto label patch releases
auto-label-premajor Auto label premajor releases
auto-label-preminor Auto label preminor releases
auto-label-prepatch Auto label prepatch releases
auto-label-prerelease Auto label prerelease releases
merge Merge all releases
merge-major Merge major releases
merge-minor Merge minor releases
merge-patch Merge patch releases
merge-premajor Merge premajor releases
merge-preminor Merge preminor releases
merge-prepatch Merge prepatch releases
merge-prerelease Merge prerelease releases
  • If you set any auto-label parameter to true, the release type (major, minor, etc.) label will be added to the pull request automatically, if all checks have passed
  • If you set any merge parameter to true, the resulting pull request will be auto-merged, if all checks have passed
  • If you set any approve parameter to true, the pull request will be automatically approved (with a pull request review), if all checks have passed

If you don't want to check for status checks, you can set the input ignore-status-checks to true. You can also set the merge-commit input if you want a custom merge commit message.

📄 License

  • Code: MIT © Koj
  • "GitHub" is a trademark of GitHub, Inc.


An open source project by Koj.
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