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dep-copy NPM version

Module provides methods to copy and remove files to a destination with having track of what has been copied in an index file. Can be used in an gulp task.

We have following app structure:

+-- App
|   +-- Js
|   |   +-- SomeJs.js
|   +-- Templates
|   |   +-- Template.cshtml
+-- Configuration
|   +-- Config.json
+-- bin
|   +-- SomeDll.dll
+-- notImportantFile.txt

Example gulp task:

var DepCopy = require('dep-copy'),
    referenceName = "AppPlugin",
    basePath = ".",
    destPath = '\\deployFolder';
gulp.task('install', function() {
    var patterns = [ 
    var installer = new DepCopy(basePath, referenceName, destPath);
    gulp.src(patterns, { base: basePath })
gulp.task('uninstall', function () {
    var installer = new DepCopy(basePath, packageName, destPath);


gulp install

Will take all files matched by patterns, copy them to target directory. Each copied file will create an entry in a file named dependency-index.json in the target directory in format of:

"App\\Js\\SomeJs.js" : [

Where the key is full path to the file, and value is array of dependent plugins on that file.


gulp uninstall

Will parse that file, remove all files copied to that directory that have only one dependency 'AppPlugin' and leave rest intact.


1.0.2 - added preserveTree flag to the constructor to disable default behaviour, when the source folder tree is preserved. Copies files directly to target directory then. Usage as follows:

new DepCopy(basePath, referenceName, destPath, { preserveTree: false });