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    Denon DRA-F109 remote connector

    This is source code for NPM package denon-f109-remote-controller written in JavaScript version 6 (ECMAScript 2015). The package uses serial communication protocol to control Denon DRA-F109 amplifier. It is based on Kamil Figiela's hacking and serialport NPM package. Thank you Kamil Figiela and Francis Gulotta for this contribution. Those guys helped me a lot with solving many small issues.

    Getting Started

    This is only low-level library. You can look at yamaha-audio-polyfill for more robust solution.

    Anyway, this is small example of usage:

    npm install denon-f109-remote-controller --save
    var denon = require("denon-f109-remote-controller");
    var commands = denon.getCommands();
    var controller = denon.createController();
    controller.sendCommand(commands.powerOn, function (result) {
      console.log("Amplifier should be turned on", result);
      controller.sendCommand(commands.volume, 10, function (result) {
        console.log("Amplifier's volume level should be changed", result);


    If you want to get this working, you need to have TTL RS-232 connected to 3.8mm jack connector. RS-232 to jack connector

    The RX signal is not connected on this scheme but I am sure, you can see where it goes, there is only one not connected part.

    Available commands

    • powerOn
    • powerOff
    • volume: 0-60
    • dimmer: 0-3
    • muteOff
    • muteOn
    • sourceFM
    • sourceDAB
    • sourceCD
    • sourceAnalog1
    • sourceAnalog2
    • sourceDigital
    • tunerForward
    • tunerBackward
    • channelForward
    • channelBackward
    • sdbOn
    • sdbOff
    • sdirectOn
    • sdirectOff
    • bassIncrease
    • bassDecrease
    • trebleIncrease
    • trebleDecrease
    • balanceIncrease
    • balanceDecrease


    This project is licensed under the MIT License and Apache-2.0 license


    npm i denon-f109-remote-controller

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