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denmark-real-estate-valuation Build Status

A stream of real estate valuations given a zipcode and streetname


npm install denmark-real-estate-valuation


RealEstateValuation = require('denmark-real-estate-valuation')

This is a class constructor with the signature RealEstateValuation(query), it returns a readable stream.

query is an object that could specify the area (either zipCode or municipalityCode) and the street name (streetName). If the municipalityCode is used a street code (streetCode) can be used instead of street name.

const valuations = RealEstateValuation({
  zipCode: 2800,
  streetName: 'Lyngby Hovedgade'
// alternatively: { municipalityCode: 173, streetName: 'Lyngby Hovedgade' } 
// alternatively: { municipalityCode: 173, streetCode: 535 } 
valuations.on('data', function (property) {
  property = {
    id: 51002,
    houseNumber: '1A',
    floor: '2',
    type: 'Ejerlejl. iøvrigt',
    landValue: 10210000, // danish kroner (DKK) 
    houseValue: 30500000 // danish kroner (DKK) 
  // The real estate value is `property.landValue + property.houseValue`. 


The source is: The webpage does not provide an API, so this module scrapes the data from it.