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    License: Apache-2.0

    A combination of degit and ms (for mustache). This is a scaffolding tool that downloads a given repository from GitHub / GitLab / BitBucket and optionally replaces any designated variables in it. Without variables, this acts much the same as degit.

    Getting Started

    npx dems user/repo

    That's it! This will copy the latest commit on the default branch into a local directory that shares the name of the repo. As with degit, all git history is removed during the process, so it appears as a clean repo.

    You can also supply an alternate target with an optional second argument:

    npx dems user/repo new-dir

    This will copy the repo to a local new-dir directory.


    During the cloning process, dems will parse each file looking for mustache templating. If any variables are found, it will then launch a wizard asking you to enter a value for each variable. Finally, the templated files are rendered with mustache.

    To see an example of this, take a look at the example repo.

    Why should I use this?

    This is an experiment for me; I really like the idea of degit, but it has some under-explored concepts around "actions" and I thought I'd take it in a different direction via templating. I usually find, when using degit, that I have to replace several simple strings; package name and author fields for example, so dems provides a solution. If you also find yourself experiencing this, give dems a go.

    This code is really bad! It's missing $FEATURE! I found a bug!

    Open an issue. If I agree with you, I'll probably fix the bug / add the feature, but it'll be in my own time. If you need it sooner, open a Pull Request or fork for your own needs.


    Big thanks to Rich Harris for degit, which provided a bunch of code and inspiration for this.




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