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    Licensed under the MIT-LICENSE

    add magnet links and torrents to a deluge (specifically deluge-web) instance.


    npm install deluge

    Basic usage

    deluge = require('deluge')(delugeUrl, password);

    delugeUrl is the address of your deluge-web server with "json" appended. ex

    password is the password of your deluge-web server - default "deluge".


    Basic callback expected:

    var callback = function(error, result) {
        if(error) {


    add(magnet, dlpath, callback) or add(file, dlpath, callback) or add(url, dlpath, callback)

    Call add with a magnet link to automatically post the add request to your deluge-web server. If successful, it will add and start downloading without further action. You can also use a direct url to a torrent file, deluge will download the file and star the download


    Return the list of all the deluge daemon registered in the WebUI

    connect(hostID, callback)

    Tell the WebUI to connect to the wanted host. The result of the callback will be either TRUE if connected or FALSE if not connected.


    Check if the WebUI is connected to a deamon. Return true or false as result of the callback.

    setCookies(cookies, callback)

    If you're trying to add a torrent from a private tracker you'll most likely need to have some cookie information specified, you can do that using this method. The format of call should be

    setCookies({"": "my_cookie1=xxx;my_cookie2=yyy;"});

    All cookies will be kept private. When adding a torrent the script will loop over all the keys in the object and check if any of them matches the URL of the torrent that's being added. So for example if you're adding a torrent with URL '' it will use the cookie information associated with ''. If no key matches the URL, no cookies will be used.


    Get the list of all torrents and changing data that represents their status in the WebUI. Expect a returned json object as a result of the callback, with the following properties:



    npm i deluge

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