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Flux Library


DeLorean is a tiny Flux pattern implementation.

  • Unidirectional data flow, it makes your app logic simpler than MVC,
  • Automatically listens to data changes and keeps your data updated,
  • Makes data more consistent across your whole application,
  • It's framework agnostic, completely. There's no view framework dependency.
  • Very small, just 5K gzipped.
  • Built-in React.js integration, easy to use with Flight.js and Ractive.js and probably all others.
  • Improve your UI/data consistency using rollbacks.

You can learn Flux and DeLorean.js in minutes. Read the tutorial

You can install DeLorean with Bower:

bower install delorean

You can also install by NPM to use with Browserify (recommended)

npm install delorean

Hipster way:

var Flux = require('delorean').Flux;
// ... 

Old-skool way:

<script src="//"></script>
var Flux = DeLorean.Flux;
// ...
var Flux = DeLorean.Flux;
 * Stores are simple data buckets which manages data.
var Store = Flux.createStore({
  data: null,
  setData: function (data) { = data;
  actions: {
    'incoming-data': 'setData'
var store = Store;
 * Dispatcher are simple action dispatchers for stores.
 * Stores handle the related action.
var Dispatcher = Flux.createDispatcher({
  setData: function (data) {
    this.dispatch('incoming-data', data);
  getStores: function () {
    return {increment: store};
 * Action Creators are simple controllers. They are simple functions.
 *  They talk to dispatchers. They are not required.
var Actions = {
  setData: function (data) {
// The data cycle. 
store.onChange(function () {
  // End of data cycle. 
  document.getElementById('result').innerText =;
document.getElementById('dataChanger').onclick = function () {
  // Start data cycle: 

Run this example on JSFiddle

You can read the tutorial to get started DeLorean.js with your favorite framework.

Or you can visit documents page.

There is a simple TodoMVC example working with DeLorean.js

cd examples/todomvc
open index.html
git clone
cd delorean
git checkout -b your-feature-branch

After you make some changes and add your test cases to the test/spec/*Spec.js files. please run:

grunt test

When it's all OK, open a pull request.

MIT License

The flux capacitor was the core component of Doctor Emmett Brown's DeLorean time machine