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A node based command line tool for managing your bookmarks


A node based command line tool for managing your delicious bookmarks.

You can install us through npm

npm install delmarks -g

Connect your account:

delmarks connect USERNAME PASSWORD

List bookmarks:

delmarks ls

Add bookmark:

delmarks add

Remove bookmark:

delmarks remove


delmarks -h
  • Add export to HTML/JSON/XML feature
  • Add taggiing
  • Auto generate tags similar to functionality
  • Add update description / note
  • Investigate securing conncetion with Delicious as currently very unsecure
  • Investigate securing the user config file that contains the username and password (JSON is great but unsecure for plain text passwords)
  • Restructure code
  • Look into cool social features like shareing link to twitter or facebook
  • Some other stuff...

GNU General Public License v2.

Copyright Jeffrey Hann 2013