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A CLI tool to remove accents from text files.

Install this globally and you'll have access to this tool anywhere on your system.

npm install -g delatinise-cli

To run it:

delatinise <path>

The path can be a file or directory. It will create a folder called delatinised and put all processed files in it.


delatinise-cli tries to figure out the encoding of the files you want to treat. By default, it converts them to UTF-8, since after the conversion, we don't have accents any more.

Race Conditions

The conversion process, by its nature, is susceptible to race conditions. So it is possible that a file converted by delatinise-cli and put into the delatinised folder may have been deleted or modified by the time the execution is finished.

Note: To execute the accent removal task, we use the string.js latinise() method.


Licensed under the MIT license