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a streaming deflater with CRC32 checksumer

deflate-crc32-stream v0.1.2

deflate-crc32-stream is a streaming deflater with CRC32 checksumer. It uses buffer-crc32 behind the scenes to reliably handle binary data and fancy character sets. Data comes through compressed with zlib.DeflateRaw.

This module has been merged into CRC32Stream. No future updates will be made to this module.

var CRC32Stream = require('deflate-crc32-stream');
var source = fs.createReadStream('file.txt');
var deflate = new DeflateCRC32Stream();
deflate.on('end', function(err) {
  // do something with deflate.digest() here 
// either pipe it 
// or write it 

Inherits zlib.DeflateRaw methods.

Returns the checksum digest in unsigned form.

Returns the hexadecimal representation of the checksum digest. (ie E81722F0)

Returns the raw uncompressed size/length of passed-through data.

If compressed is true, it returns compressed length instead.

Inherits zlib.DeflateRaw options.