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Get, Set and Remove object values using dot-delimited key strings

deepval(<object to inspect>, <string path> or <array of string keys>, [value to set], [boolean: remove])


deepval.get(obj, path);
deepval.set(obj, path, value);
deepval.del(obj, path);


var obj = {
  a: {
    b: {
      c: 'deep'
    d: ['foo'],
    e: ['bar', ['aaa', 'bbb']]

// get a value
console.log(deepval(obj, 'a.b.c'));   // 'deep'
// set a value
deepval(obj, 'a.b.c', 'something');
console.log(deepval(obj, 'a.b.c'));   // 'something'
// remove a value
deepval(obj, 'a.b.c', null, true);
console.log(deepval(obj, 'a.b.c'));   // undefined
// read array values
console.log(deepval(obj, 'a.d.0'));   // 'foo'
console.log(deepval(obj, ['a', 'd', 0]));   // 'foo'
console.log(deepval(obj, 'a.e.1.0')); // 'aaa'

deepval provides a utility function dotpath to create a dot-delimited string from a set of passed arguments:

console.log(deepval.dotpath('hello', a.b.0))  //  ''