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Extremely thorough structural equality test of questionable usefulness.

deepest is deeper's devious little brother. It doesn't care about encapsulation or data-hiding -- it finds all the properties on your objects and makes sure that any two objects are exactly the same by examining their property descriptors directly. Arguably useful for comparing objects that have been created using defineProperty magic, and can correctly test some objects that would lead to stack explosions when used with deeper or other more straightforward deep equality testers. I'd love to know about any situations where this module turns out to be necessary.

deepest, like deeper, also comes with shims for use with my three favorite assertion libraries:

See the usage instructions for details on how to enable the shims.

npm install deepest
// vanilla 
var deepEqual = require('deepest')
if (!deepEqual(obj1, obj2)) console.log("yay! diversity!");
// to install the shim against require('assert').deepEqual 
// to patch Chai's eql / deep.equal / et al 
// to patch node-tap's ridiculous array of synonyms for deepEqual 

All of deeper's caveats apply here as well. Also, I'm not sure this module is a good idea.