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    React Credit Card Input

    A credit/debit card input field for React

    NOTE: While React Credit Card Input is still supported, it's highly recommended to check out the React Payment Inputs (the rewritten version of this library).


    Click here for an interactive demo


    $ npm install --save react-credit-card-input styled-components


    import CreditCardInput from 'react-credit-card-input';
      cardNumberInputProps={{ value: cardNumber, onChange: this.handleCardNumberChange }}
      cardExpiryInputProps={{ value: expiry, onChange: this.handleCardExpiryChange }}
      cardCVCInputProps={{ value: cvc, onChange: this.handleCardCVCChange }}

    Available props

    Prop Type Default value Description
    cardNumberInputProps object (optional) {} Card number input element props
    (e.g. { value: cardNumber, onChange: this.handleCardNumberChange, onBlur: this.handleCardNumberBlur, onError: this.handleCardNumberError } )
    cardExpiryInputProps object (optional) {} Card expiry date input element props
    (e.g. { value: expiry, onChange: this.handleCardExpiryChange, onBlur: this.handleCardExpiryBlur, onError: this.handleCardExpiryError })
    cardCVCInputProps object (optional) {} Card CVC input element props
    (e.g. { value: cvc, onChange: this.handleCardCVCChange, onBlur: this.handleCardCVCBlur, onError: this.handleCardCVCError })
    cardNumberInputRenderer Function (view input renderer props below) Card number input renderer
    cardExpiryInputRenderer Function (view input renderer props below) Card expiry date input renderer
    cardCVCInputRenderer Function (view input renderer props below) Card CVC input renderer
    onError Function (optional) Invokes on field errors. Recieves errorMessage argument.
    cardImageClassName string (optional) '' Class name for the card type image
    cardImageStyle object (optional) {} Style for the card type image
    containerClassName string (optional) '' Class name for the field container
    containerStyle object (optional) {} Style for the field container
    dangerTextClassName string (optional) '' Class name for the danger text
    dangerTextStyle object (optional) {} Style for the danger text container
    fieldClassName string (optional) '' Class name for the field
    fieldStyle object (optional) {} Style for the field
    inputClassName string (optional) '' Class name for the inputs
    inputStyle object (optional) {} Style for the inputs
    invalidClassName string (optional) 'is-invalid' Class name for the invalid field
    invalidStyle object (optional) {} Style for the invalid field
    inputComponent string, function, class (optional) 'input' Input component for the card number, expiry and CVC input
    customTextLabels object (optional) {} Object that defines custom label values.

    Input renderer props

    Prop Type Description
    handleCardNumberChange Function Handle card number change.
    handleCardNumberBlur Function Handle card number blur.
    handleCardExpiryChange Function Handle card expiry change.
    handleCardExpiryBlur Function Handle card expiry blur.
    handleCardCVCChange Function Handle card CVC change.
    handleCardCVCBlur Function Handle card CVC blur.
    props Object Input component props

    Error handling

      onError={({ inputName, err }) => console.log(`credit card input error: ${err}`)}
        onBlur: e => console.log('cvc blur', e),
        onChange: e => console.log('cvc change', e),
        onError: err => console.log(`cvc error: ${err}`)
        onBlur: e => console.log('expiry blur', e),
        onChange: e => console.log('expiry change', e),
        onError: err => console.log(`expiry error: ${err}`)
        onBlur: e => console.log('number blur', e),
        onChange: e => console.log('number change', e),
        onError: err => console.log(`number error: ${err}`)

    Custom input renderer usage

      cardCVCInputRenderer={({ handleCardCVCChange, props }) => (
          onChange={handleCardCVCChange(e => console.log('cvc change', e))}
      cardExpiryInputRenderer={({ handleCardExpiryChange, props }) => (
          onChange={handleCardExpiryChange(e =>
            console.log('expiry change', e)
      cardNumberInputRenderer={({ handleCardNumberChange, props }) => (
          onChange={handleCardNumberChange(e =>
            console.log('number change', e)

    Custom text labels usage

        invalidCardNumber: 'El número de la tarjeta es inválido',
        expiryError: {
          invalidExpiryDate: 'La fecha de expiración es inválida',
          monthOutOfRange: 'El mes de expiración debe estar entre 01 y 12',
          yearOutOfRange: 'El año de expiración no puede estar en el pasado',
          dateOutOfRange: 'La fecha de expiración no puede estar en el pasado'
        invalidCvc: 'El código de seguridad es inválido',
        invalidZipCode: 'El código postal es inválido',
        cardNumberPlaceholder: 'Número de tarjeta',
        expiryPlaceholder: 'MM/AA',
        cvcPlaceholder: 'COD',
        zipPlaceholder: 'C.P.'


    Contributing to react-credit-card-input is easy! With four simple steps:

    Create a branch

    1. Fork the repository
    2. git clone <your-repo-url> to clone your GitHub repo to your local one
    3. git pull origin master to pull the latest code
    4. npm install to install the project's dependencies
    5. git checkout -b the-name-of-my-branch to create a branch (use something short and comprehensible, such as: fix-card-number-issue).
    6. git remote add upstream and git pull upstream master to update your fork from this source.

    Make the change

    Note: You can run npm run storybook, and then navigate to http://localhost:9001/ to interactively develop your changes. If you are developing a new feature, make sure to add a story for it!

    Test the change

    1. Run npm run fix from the project root (This will run Prettier and ESLint and automatically fix any issues).

    Push the change!

    1. git add -A && git commit -m "My message (#issue-number/pr-number)" (replacing My message (#issue-number/pr-number) with a commit message, such as Fixed card number issue (#43)) to stage and commit your changes
    2. git push my-fork-name the-name-of-my-branch


    MIT © Medipass Solutions


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