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Extract files from a ZIP archive



Extracts the contents of the ZIP archive file.

Returns an EventEmitter with two possible events - error on an error, and extract when the extraction has completed. The value passed to the extract event is a basic log of each file and how it was compressed.


  • path String - Path to extract into (default .)
  • follow Boolean - If true, rather than create stored symlinks as symlinks make a shallow copy of the target instead (default false)
  • filter Function - A function that will be called once for each file in the archive. It takes one argument which is an object containing details of the file. Return true for any file that you want to extract, and false otherwise. (default null)
  • strip Number - Remove leading folders in the path structure. Equivalent to --strip-components for tar.
var DecompressZip = require('decompress-zip');
var unzipper = new DecompressZip(filename)
unzipper.on('error', function (err) {
    console.log('Caught an error');
unzipper.on('extract', function (log) {
    console.log('Finished extracting');
unzipper.on('progress', function (fileIndex, fileCount) {
    console.log('Extracted file ' + (fileIndex + 1) + ' of ' + fileCount);
    path: 'some/path',
    filter: function (file) {
        return file.type !== "SymbolicLink";

If path does not exist, decompress-zip will attempt to create it first.


Much like extract, except:

  • the success event is list
  • the data for the event is an array of paths
  • no files are actually extracted
  • there are no options
var DecompressZip = require('decompress-zip');
var unzipper = new DecompressZip(filename)
unzipper.on('error', function (err) {
    console.log('Caught an error');
unzipper.on('list', function (files) {
    console.log('The archive contains:');


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