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Decode ICO

Decode .ico icons


npm install --save decode-ico


const decodeIco = require('decode-ico')
const fs = require('fs')
const source = fs.readFileSync('favicon.ico')
const images = decodeIco(source)
//=> { width: 16, height: 16, type: 'bmp', data: Buffer(...) } 
//=> { width: 32, height: 32, type: 'bmp', data: Buffer(...) } 


decodeIco(source: Buffer) => Image[]

Decodes the .ico file in the given buffer, and returns an array of images.

Each image has the following properties:

  • width: Number - The width of the image, in pixels
  • height: Number - The height of the image, in pixels
  • type: String - The type of image, will be one of bmp or png
  • data: Buffer - The data of the image, format depends on type, see below

The format of the data parameter depends on the type of image. When the image is of type bmp, the data buffer will hold raw pixel data in the RGBA order, with integer values between 0 and 255 (included). When the type is png, the buffer will be png data.

💡 The png data can be written to a file with the .png extension directly, or be decoded by node-lodepng which will give you the same raw format as the bmp type.