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dojo 1.7 based oop utils

/** example/simple.js

declare is a node.js optimized version of dojo 1.7's dojo.declare This example shows how to create a namespace and create classes within.

No global namespace is violated

declare includes the folloing modified dojo functions

  • declare
  • mixin
  • getObject
  • setObject
  • exists
  • getProp

for more information check the dojo docs (with dojo. prefix for sure)


var createNamespace = require("../index");

var myCustomNamespace = { "doesNotMatter" : "anyValue" };

var oop = createNamespace(myCustomNamespace);

var MYClass = oop.declare("my.namespace.MYCLASS",[],{ property:"value", constructor:function(){ console.log("I AM ALIVE"); }, methodA:function(){ console.log("methodA called") console.log(this); }, methodB:function(){ console.log("methodB called") } });

oop.declare("MYSubClass",[],{ constructor:function(){ oop.mixin(this,{methodC:function(){ console.log("same mixin like known from dojo @" , this.declaredClass); }}); }, methodA:function(){ console.log("method A from " + this.declaredClass); } })

/* this will end up with the same result... / var instance = new MYClass(); / The namespace can be accessed with the object we used to create the "oop" instance. You could create more factories each with a different namespace */ var i2 = new;

var subi = new myCustomNamespace.MYSubClass(); subi.methodA(); subi.methodB(); subi.methodC();

/** this will print nonsense but working output:

I AM ALIVE I AM ALIVE I AM ALIVE method A from MYSubClass methodB called same mixin like known from dojo @ MYSubClass **/