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Easily Debug Node and Electron renderer process scripts

Easily Debug Node and Electron renderer process scripts.

  1. Install debugger

    npm install -g debugger
  2. To debug a script

    debugger your-script.js
  3. Press Command + R (OSX) or Control + R (Windows/Linux) to reload the script.

  1. To make your global debugger command point to your local code. Run the following from the debugger source root folder:

     npm link .
  • Special thanks to Camilo Aguilar (c4milo/@c4milo) for releasing the debugger module name for this project's usage
  • electron for making desktop apps so easy to make
  • electron-prebuilt for making electron even easier to use in projects
  • Switch to using commander to get better command line instructions.
  • Add support for a switch to show the browserwindow for people who want to test code that requires a DOM and browser APIs.
  • Add support for -v to output the electron, v8, and node versions as well.
  • Add support for watching for changes to the script and auto reloading