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Simple debugging of callbacks


Help to debug missing callback calls.

	debug = require('./index.js')(function(level, message, callback){
		console.log('logging:', level, message);
		if( callback ) {

function wayWardFunction(callback){
	debug.log('waywardFunction started');
	callback = debug.callback('waywardFunction finished', callback);
	setTimeout(callback, 1000);

	console.log('callback actually called');

The module exposes a function. Call with a filename to log to this file, or with a function to have that function called with the log message. The function exposed returns an object with 2 methods, log and callback

The function to be provided should accept 3 arguments: level (string), message (string) and callback, and should call the callback once logging is done. Hint: winston's log function will do...

Call the log function for immediate logging, and callback to wrap a callback in a logging call.