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    JSKK is a classing engine which brings object-oriented programming to the popular JavaScript language. JSKK allows you to create classes and extend those classes, attach interfaces, mix-in traits and a whole lot more. JSKK is light weight and easy to implement, has built in require.js support and is compatible with node.js.

    Key Features

    • True Object Oriented JavaScript. Give structure and meaning to your code.
    • Full Inheritance model, allowing proper Aspect Oriented Programming.
    • Model your classes around Interfaces.
    • Class & Method Abstraction.
    • Class Finalisation.
    • Reusable code with Traits.
    • Define Required classes and have them loaded dynamically before the class is executed.
    • React to change with JSKK's variable condition watching engine.
    • Built-In RequireJS compatibility.

    Browser Compatibility

    • IE 8+
    • Chrome 8+
    • Firefox 10+
    • Safari 3+
    • Opera 10.6+

    How to Build JSKK

    Install Grunt

    Strappy is built using Grunt.

    npm install -g grunt-cli
    npm install

    With grunt installed, you can not only build JSKK from source.

    Build JSKK

    Use NPM Version

    npm version [<newversion> | major | minor | patch | premajor | preminor | prepatch | prerelease] [-m "version commit message"]

    This will:

    • build new dist and minified dist files (by that version number)
    • add them to a new commit with the given commit message
    • git tag the version
    • push the commit and tag to git
    • publish the version to bower and npm (implicitly)





    npm i deanrather-jskk

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